Cameo Sustain

Cameo Sustain

Eyewear Reincarnated: Made from 100% recycled materials.

Introducing Cameo Sustain, the first ever sustainable collection by Continental Eyewear.

 All of the frames have been made from rPET, meaning that they have been created using 3-4 plastic bottles each. The demo lenses are also made from recycled plastic and better still, they can be fully recycled again before glazing.

Currently comprising of 13 models, this is a wonderful collection with a variety of eye-catching designs. 

With the majority of eyewear created from virgin plastic and acetate, the Cameo Sustain range offers an eco-friendly solution in all areas from the material of the frame, to the packaging and even to our point of sale.

3-4 bottles = 1 pair of glasses

Vitally, that means approximately 15,600 BOTTLES have been reincarnated in the first Cameo Sustain collection.

3 billion units of eyewear polybags are consumed each year. Each Cameo Sustain frame will come in a biodegradable polybag made from BD8, a revolutionary biodegradable plastic that is eco-friendly, equally resistant and can be naturally broken into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

Cameo Sustain uses biodegradable lenses that will naturally decompose in landfill, leaving behind just carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Cameo Sustain