Drivesense Lenses

Drivesense Lenses

enhanced vision for intermediate and distance

To ensure you don’t miss a thing on the road, Drivesense progressive and single vision lenses are recommended for driving during the day and at night.

Drivesense lenses are specifically created to help you focus both inside and outside the car, making your journey more relaxed and enjoyable. Drivesense lenses feature a night vision zone. This incorporates a -0.25D of power to help compensate against effects of night myopia and therefore reduces fatigue when driving at night.

Available with Blue Shield, Honeycomb, or Hydro+ coatings or with our light intelligent Optishade lenses.

To give you the full benefit of a personalised lens, your optician will take measurements with your chosen frame to ensure you receive a bespoke visual experience.

Key Benefits of Drivesense Lenses

  • Night vision zone to give reduced fatigue when driving at night
  • Improved visual fields to widen vision and reduce unwanted astigmatism or edge blur
  • Fast adaptation – eyes adjust to lenses almost immediately
  • Easy focus and greater eye movement
  • Better vision of the dashboard and external and internal mirrors
  • Freeform lens – personalised to suit you
  • Not just for driving – this lens is perfect for all day wear

Not Just a Driving Lens

This lens design provides enhanced distance and intermediate zones providing panoramic distance vision making it perfect not just for driving but also:

  • People with active lifestyles such as golfer or runners
  • Pilots
  • Graphic designers or architects
  • People working with side by side screens
  • Doctors, nurses or similar jobs
  • Wearers sensitive to swim and sway

Available with:

  • Single vision surfaced lenses
  • Progressive lenses
  • Combine with Blue Shield, Honeycomb, Hydro+ and Optishade