KUDOS® uses the latest virtual reality technology to create a progressive lens designed using the wearer’s gaze dynamics.

The KUDOS® VR Headset intelligently captures the exact way a patient looks at objects and the world around them.

KUDOS® analyses all points and directions of gaze, capturing near, intermediate and distance focal lengths.
The outcome is a KUDOS® lens offering wider natural vision, with minimal oblique astigmatism.

KUDOS® technology paves the way in a new era of personalised dispensing. Conventional methods of BVD, panto and bow are used in conjunction with the unique KUDOS® technology to provide a bespoke progressive lens tailored to each individual.

KUDOS® is suitable for new and existing progressive wearers as it offers a fully personalised dispensing solution.

Please visit the Jai Kudo Lenses website to register your interest: https://lenses.jaikudo.com/kudos/