Optishade Lenses

Optishade Lenses

Protect your eyes with light intelligent lenses

Optishade lenses are designed to change their tint automatically based on the level of UV exposure.

Optishade lenses are clear when you are indoors or in low-light conditions, but as soon as you step outside into bright sunlight, they begin to darken to protect your eyes. They are able to do this thanks to a special photochromic technology that is built into the lenses. The Optishade lenses offer 100% UV protection (up to 400 nm). This means that they block out UV rays that can damage your eyes. So, with Optishade lenses, you can be sure that your eyes are getting the protection they need when you’re out in the sun.

Optishade lenses have a quick fade back speed when you move back indoors or into lower light conditions (residual colour after fade back of approximately 10% absorption). A hassle-free solution for those who want to protect their eyes without swapping from glasses to sunglasses all day.

Key Benefits of Optishade Lenses:

  • 100% UV protection (up to 400nm)
  • Available in two colours – Brown & Grey
  • Reduces the need to swap between glasses and sunglasses
  • Lenses darken to 25% transmission in around 90 seconds
  • Fade back speed of around 3 minutes when back indoors
  • Light absorption – maximum of 75%
  • Light transmission – maximum of 25%
  • Residual colour after fade back of approximately 10% absorption

Ideal Lens For

  • Someone looking for more affordable photochromic lenses than Transitions
  • A patient who want glasses to easily adapt from inside to outside

Ideal With

  • Stock single vision lenses
  • Surfaced single vision lenses
  • Progressives lenses
  • Lifestyle lenses – Drivesense