Star Fit by Lazer Junior

Evidence-driven Designs For Growing Stars

We understand that finding the perfect eyewear for little ones can be a challenging task.
That’s why we have collaborated with renowned specialist Dr. Alicia Thompson,
an expert in paediatric dispensing, to develop our exceptional Star Fit collection.

With a deep understanding of the facial parameters that influence frame fit, we
have utilised Dr. Thompson’s extensive research and data to create a range of
eyewear tailored specifically for children.

What makes them special?

  • Star Fit frames are designed for a child’s developing nose which is wider, flatter and lower than that of
    a small adult. The result will be a more stable, comfortable fit that does not
    slide down the nose.
  • Balancing the weight of the frame is vital to a comfortable fit; Star Fit frames have adjustment properties to allow perfect balance and comfort.
  • Each Star Fit frame comes with a strap, if needed, but a frame that fits properly will undoubtably be more comfortable and tolerated much more by all children.
  • Even the lens shape has been designed with the knowledge of how a small child regularly looks upwards in this adult-designed world.
  • The acetate we use in our frames is eco-biodegradable.
    Furthermore, our metal frames are crafted from recycled metal (excluding the hinges), demonstrating our commitment to minimising our ecological footprint.