Sustainable Business

Millmead has placed an increasing emphasis on Sustainable Business practices since 2019.

In 2020 we appointed a member of our Liverpool staff as our Sustainability Champion. Graeme Hasson has taken on the role with passion and enthusiasm, spearheading a range of initiatives and changes which improve our carbon footprint and overall business ethos.

In 2021 we collated these and produced “The Sustainability Report” which is distributed to Independent Optician Practices that are keen to begin their own sustainability journeys.

LED LIghting

L.E.D. Lighting

We have implemented LED lighting throughout our head office in Liverpool, which ensures our lighting has an 80-90% efficiency. LED lighting consumes less power and reduces greenhouse emissions, as well as being highly reliable.
LED lighting is also the closest alternative to natural light and can increase energy levels, improve mood and increase production in the workplace.

Waste Recycling

All cardboard and paper waste is recycled, helping to reduce the amount going to the landfill.
By reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill, the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is also reduced.
Recycled cardboard can be used for many different purposes, such as cereal boxes, paper towels, tissues and paperboard.

Recycle Waste


Waste Handling

We compact all of our waste within our Liverpool Head Office. This helps us to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling more and sending less to the landfill. It takes up less space than a regular bin solution, as it reduces the volume of waste by up to 90%. It ensures there are no overflowing of rubbish bins and no nasty smells.

FSC Certified Paper

We are implementing a rolling change across all packaging and marketing materials used by our United Kingdom and overseas operations.
We use either recycled or ethically sourced FSC Certified Paper, and stationery such as business cards are made from recycled textiles.



Office Consumables

We work with an accredited AATF partner to recycle all our used cartridges.
Therefore we not only comply with WEEE Directive best practice, we are also supportive of the environment by not compromising general waste streams.

Thermal Efficiency

We are replacing single glazed with double glazed windows to improve thermal efficiency. We are also making substantial investments to improve the insulation (R-value) of our factory roof. Together these will reduce the energy/carbon usage of our buildings.