Sustainable Office

water bottle

Water Bottles

We have distributed reusable water bottles to all staff to reduce the overall usage of plastic water bottles within our offices. The organisation that we have purchased these from, Moon Bottles, has teamed up with Eden Reforestation Project to plant 5 trees for every bottle sold and they donate 10% of their annual profits to restore forests and help communities in poverty.

Communication & Operations

We use virtual conferencing Zoom or Teams, both are efficient and reduce carbon consumption by reducing the need for travel. We encourage our sales team to drive hybrid cars and plan their journeys to minimise overall travel. Sustainability is consistently on the agenda of all board meetings, management meetings and works council meetings.
For office staff, we plan to introduce a bike to work scheme and are building a bike shed.



Recycling Champion

In June 2021, we appointed a Recycling/Sustainability Champion – Graeme Hasson.
He is passionate about recycling and ensures we are doing all we can to be as sustainable as possible. His first action of his new role was to enrol the business as an ISCC Association Member.